Delivered by Nesta Challenges in partnership with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Challenge is calling for legal tech startups, law firms, alternative legal providers, advice organisations and law schools to develop ambitious direct-to-user products, services and platforms.

The technologies used could include guided pathways, expert systems, chatbots, automated document assembly, natural language processing, machine learning and online dispute resolution platforms. This is an open call though, and we welcome new ideas beyond what is currently available in the market.

We are not expecting any quick fixes. Bringing user-facing solutions to the legal services market will take time. As well as helping Challenge participants accelerate their progress in 2019/20, we want to work with a wider coalition of experts and organisations to create longer term change in the market.

The application window is now open and will remain open until 11 August 2019. Visit the Apply page for more information if you’re interested in applying to the Challenge.

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Applying to the Challenge

  • we’ll keep you updated throughout the application process, including guidance on how to submit your strongest application
  • let us know whether you would be interested in working with another team or organisation on a joint application – we may be able to make introductions, and you can join our Slack group to meet like-minded organisations

Following the Challenge

  • attend our industry events
  • learn more about the solutions which emerge from the Challenge